Sparrow charges for services performed on-site in 15 minute increments with a minimum on-site visit of one hour. Our rates may change on an annual basis. Rates will never increase during the calendar year and we will notify you of increased rates before work is performed at the new rate.


Sparrow utilizes TeamViewer on your PC/Mac/Server allowing remote support and troubleshooting of issues. Staff can reach out by phone, FaceTime, or using our scheduling service for after hours needs. Managed networks receive firmware updates at this rate.


Sparrow is deeply invested in your success. When you engage Sparrow for an extended project, we will meet to discuss budget, timeline, and expectations. In some instances, a flat rate is the best solution for the project in order to account for after hours and overnights on tight deadlines.


Sparrow is currently beta testing a subscription service with select clients. We are pleased to speak with our established clients to determine if they are good fit for this solution.